Project HighLighted BOM and Datasheet

A Live HighLighter Bill Of Materials (BOM)for Version 1.0 can be found here.

Tutorial videos for Version 1.0 can be found here:
Tutorial for Version 1.1 can be found here:
A live HighLighter BOM for Ver 1.1 has not been published at this time. The only notable changes are: 
  • Ver 1.1 drops 1 of 2 M3 orings as it is no longer needed
  • Ver 1.1 changes retainer wire routing for better o-ring retention
  • Ver 1.1 uses REFC Labs brand glass
    • Exact-match-fit to ensure top quality fit and finish
    • Cconsistent build experience
    • Guaranteed replacement parts exact-fit interchange for all V1.1 kits
  • Ver 1.1 adds a foil reflector which 
    • Allows the use of any color of glass including transparent
    • Adds additional efficiency and heat retention
Ver 1.0 Retainer wire guide - 

A close up of the wire used to block the base holes (hard to see in videos)

This wire must cross the hole from top to bottom and is the part used to stop beads from coming through the mounting holes in the ceramic base.



REFC Labs LLC HLT Heat shield spec:


HighLighter DIY Core Heat Shield dimensions specifications


HighLighter DIY Core Heat Shield dimensions specifications


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