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Introducing Project HighLighTED

Meet the open source DIY glass-halogen heater core

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Meet The JetDryV

3D Designed From The Inside Out

The shape of the oven is so critical to effective extraction, we thought it was a good idea to design that first. So that's exactly what we did.

The inside scoop

The JetDryV features a massive 19mm cylindrical oven, carefully encapsulated by opposing recessed venturi and a hemispherical heat diffused intake. This generates a self contained toroidal annular eddy current - ensuring the smoothest heat pattern, and resulting in the most even heating of the oven contents.

Form Follows Function

Every single dimension, profile, and design feature was carefully chosen to maximize efficiency, extraction capabilities, and ease of use, while minimizing mass and wasted volume.

Performance-packed elegance

The JetDryV is available in a variety of domestic and exotic woods as well as colored borosilicate

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